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Gift for newborn: Bath Turtle Tutorial

Sewing, Soft toys  |  August 30th 2011  |  0 Comment
Gift for newborn: Bath Turtle Tutorial

sewing patterns

What you need:
microfiber cleaning pads  (I got a pack of 4 from the dollar store)
scissors & pins
needle & thread
fray check


Step One:
Cut microfiber cleaning pad as shown.
Step two:
Remove sponge from the pieces.
Step three:
Cut off sharp edges. Turn inside out, sew sides. Turn out. Should look like image below. These are the turtles legs.
Step Four:
Body: Cut circles from remaining material; one larger, one smaller. Cut a small circle (same size as small material circle) from sponge.
Tail: grab some left over material and cut into shape of tail.
Cover all material edges with fray check, let dry 15 minutes.
Step Five:
Hand stitch two ovals on the bigger circle. Leave space at circle’s edge to sew another larger oval later.
Step Six:
Create body structure: Cut two smaller half circles from remaining material. Place rights sides together and stitch around half circle, leaving flat edge completely open. Turn out and stuff with a tiny piece of left-over sponge. Sew flat edge to the smaller sponge circle (cut in step 4).
Step Seven:
After fray check has dried completely, place small & large material circle on to the body created in step 6. Pin legs and tail in place directly under the smaller circle. Stitch through smaller circle up to the edge of the larger circle. Stitch carefully, you want the oval on the larger piece to correspond with the two ovals you created in step 5.
Step Eight:
Turn turtle over. Pinch the two sides of one leg together and stitch a few times (can been seen in image above). Repeat for all four legs. This will allow the turtle to stand up.
All Done!
Source: sewcraftcreate.com