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Gift for mum: pin cushion tutorial

Felt, Green crafts, Recycle, Sewing  |  September 23rd 2011  |  0 Comment

Pin Cushion Jar

Seamstress I am not. Yet, I still have a need for a pin cushion and a place to keep small sewing related items. Especially since my new found love for felt and embroidery thread.
I had a small canning jar and this fabric stuffed away from a project of the past.

I made a small pattern for my first initial. Then cut that from a cream colored felt.

Pinned my felt “J” to a square of fabric. Making sure that square was large enough to wrap over the lid of the jar with excess.

Stitched it on with black embroidery thread.

I played around with how puffy I wanted the cushion part. Once that was determined I placed my fluff, then wrapped my fabric over it and the lid. Placed the jar ring over that. Fired up the glue gun and glued the fabric to the underside of the lid staying close to the outer edge of the lid.

To polish it off I glued on a circle of black felt to cover the raw edges of the bandanna fabric. Now the inside of the lid is pretty too.

Taaa daaaa

There is my new pin cushion jar.