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Gift for Easter: Easter Treats, kids craft ideas

Needle crafts  |  August 6th 2011  |  0 Comment

Easter Treats

These sweet treats have long been favorites of local island keiki (children). Although they aren’t a traditional Easter treat, their “almost conical” shape reminds me of a carrot. I know, crazy imagination, right?

So….a carrot patch of confectionery goodness was born.

I created a paper wrapper to cover the outside of the container. Decorations were added with embossing and rubber stamping prior to being adhered over the wrapper.

A 3-inch paper scallop was adhered to the top of the seal.

To make the carrot top base, I used a 2-inch paper scalloped circle. I scored two parallel lines down the center of the scallop and folded both sides upward on the score lines (like a flat-bottomed taco shell).

I used a Sizzix die to create some frilly leaves. I sandwiched the leaves into the “taco shell” and brought both sides together and glued it into place.

Glue was added to the base of the carrot top which was then glued onto the center of the lid.

This fits the bill for a quick and easy Easter treat. I don’t care to put too much energy into what I consider “throw away crafts.” The kids will rip right into it, eat it’s sweet contents, and in minutes the wrapper will hit the trash can. This way, I won’t feel like too much of my hard work went into the trash can along with it.