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Gift boxes: plastic canvas tutorial

Embroidery, Wrapping and Packaging  |  September 15th 2011  |  0 Comment

337 (430x322, 25Kb) 
Embroidery on canvas unfairly considered a simple type of needlework. In this paper we propose the idea to create a casket with embroidery, the walls and which will be embroidered canvas. The photographs below show how to do stitches, how to handle the edge and how to assemble and sew the wall box. A beautiful box can give my mother, grandmother or best friend on March 8, his birthday.

1103 (430x322, 21Kb)

424 (600x450, 58Kb)

523 (600x597, 80Kb)

623 (600x450, 70Kb)

720 (600x450, 29Kb)

819 (600x450, 37Kb)

917 (600x450, 49Kb)

1020 (600x450, 31Kb)

1122 (600x450, 40Kb)

1221 (600x450, 33Kb)

1321 (600x450, 35Kb)

1419 (600x450, 40Kb)

1519 (600x450, 27Kb)

1619 (600x450, 36Kb)

1718 (600x450, 23Kb)

1815 (600x450, 32Kb)

1911(600x450, 28Kb)

337 (430x322, 25Kb)