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Garland of colored paper tutorial (easy to make)

Cutting paper, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making flower, Paper crafts  |  May 24th 2011  |  0 Comment
Handcrafted, Photo: Elena Rostunova



What to do with the child in hectic pre-holiday? Give him a multi-colored paper, glue and scissors – and apart from the usual snow flakes in your house appear festive garlands.


Готовая гирлянда

What is needed?



  • colored paper
  • glue


  • scissors

By the way


The original version of the Christmas tree – a garland of fun “flags”: the double figures, snowmen, fir trees, houses, etc. Paint them with markers, decorated with sequins and glue on the rope.

You can also make a garland, a chain of colored paper – such as a child: Cut colorful strips of equal length and width and glue one “chain”. Still relevant cut from paper snowflakes ( see diagram ).



Круги для гирлянд


Cut out of colored paper circles the same diameter. Fold circle in half twice, bend the 4 sectors in the opposite direction – to get “airplane.”

Изготовка насечек


Take on the resulting sector 8 semicircular notches, alternating left and right. Cut a notch.Expand the circle – is one element of a garland. Take another piece.

Склеивание кругов


Smear glue on the edge of the circle lines fold in four places – where the single-slotted strip, and glue the 2 laps.

Готовая гирлянда


Extend the community, taking them for the midway – you will have the delicate “ball.”Make a few more “balls” and connect them, sticking midway circles. Attach the ends of a loop for hanging – garland is ready.


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