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Funny and easy game for kids: Spinning Tops tutorial

Making toys, Paper crafts  |  September 27th 2011  |  0 Comment

These spinning tops were so fun to play with and easy to make. My daughters really enjoyed both making them and playing with them on a recent craft day.

Funny and easy game for kids: Spinning Tops tutorial

My oldest daughter’s top

The tops are made from cardboard (we used a cereal box) a pencil, white paper and glue.

I covered the cardboard with white paper and allowed it to dry. For a colorful top, we divided the circle into sections (like a pieces of a pie) with a colored pencil or crayon and colored each section a different color.

My youngest daughter’s top

Next, we poked a hole into the center of the top with a sharpened pencil. We used pencils between 3-4 inches tall.

The tops will draw lightly on the surface where they spin (due to the pencils) so we used paper underneath.

The tops were spun with either the thumb, index and middle fingers or by using the palms of the hands (one palm sliding against the other with pencil in between).

We enjoyed playing with them and I left them out in a space to be enjoyed throughout the week.