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Easter's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts  |  September 12th 2011  |  0 Comment

Easter Thumbprint Art

I can’t help myself with all of this thumbprint art. I love thinking of new ideas that Claire and I can make. This time we even got Simon involved a little bit (although- he totally tried to fight it.) The best part of this craft is that it cost less than $5. Yahoo! I love that I had almost everything on hand that I needed to do this project.

I went to a local second hand shop and picked up this frame (11 x 14) for just $1.99. It’s a bit dinged up, and was obviously not the right colour but it was nothing that a little paint couldn’t fix. (I used white paint.)

The last time that I was at my local dollar store I had noticed these cork boards there. They are sold two in a pack for $2 (price increases at the dollar store). I was hoping to find a frame that would need just one board, but in the end I like how this worked out better.

I just used a bit of packing tape to tape the cork boards together, and then I cut them to the size of the frame. I taped a piece of ribbon on the front of the cork boards to cover up where the cork boards meet.

I went through my paper stash and picked out the prettiest pastel Easter/spring coloured paper that I could find. Then, I used my cricut to cut out some more scalloped circles (I am just loving the scalloped circles now- are you tired of them yet?) Want to see close ups of each tag?

I love this one. The body and ears are each made using a thumbprint. Once the white paint was dry Claire used a bit of pink paint on her pinky finger to finish off the bunny ears. Then I just added the little details. You could of course just draw on the nose, eyes, and bow tie.

For the butterfly we used a slightly lighter shade for the top wings, and then the darker colour on the bottom. We waited until the purple was dry before Claire used her thumb to paint the black bit.

This one was definitely the easiest one to do. Claire just painted three dots, and then I added the leaf & stem detail afterwards.

But the chicks…the chicks are my favorite. Claire painted the big chick and Simon painted the little chick. I love it.

To finish the frame off I cut out the letters (using the same papers that I used for the tags) to spell out Happy Easter. Happy Spring would work too.

And there you have it- a festive piece of (interchangeable) Easter art for less than $5. I love our little piece of Easter art- but most importantly- Claire loves seeing her projects hung up all around the house.
Source: sweetandlovelycrafts.blogspot.com