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Free crochet patterns: Crochet Vase

Crochet  |  October 16th 2011  |  0 Comment

Free crochet patterns: Crochet Vase

Spring is in the air…Can you feel it? The days are getting longer, the parks are getting greener and some flowers are already saying hello to the sun and to the little by little warmer weather here in Barcelona… So, this morning I went for a walk and saw these little cute flowers. I think they look perfect in my last crocheted vase. This is a really little one but I think it’s very cute. I’ve crocheted it with a 3.5mm hook and in Katia Spring cotton dark blue yarn, which is one of my favourite colours.
And…I would like to share my pattern with you.

Blue crochet vase pattern

1- Make a magic circle and crochet 6sc inside (6)
2 - Inc six times (12)
3 - *1sc, Inc* (18)
4 - *2sc, Inc* (24)
5 - *3sc, Inc* (30)
6 - 10 – sc around (30)
11 - *Dec, 3sc* (24)
12 - sc around (24)
13 - *2sc, Dec* (18)
14 - sc around (18)
15 - *Dec, 1sc* (12)
16-18 - sc around (12)
19 - *Inc, 2sc* (16)
20 - *3sc, Inc* (20)
21-22 - sc around (20)
Fasten off and weave in ends.
You can put inside the vase a plastic bag or a tiny plastic or glass tube with a little water in it in order to keep your flowers fresh! And, be careful because these crochet vases can become very addictive!!!

So, the first was the little blue one…
Just a few hours later, I crocheted a bigger one, this time in red…
And, after the red one, a third crochet vase, in ecru…
Which one do you like the most? ;-)