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Forever fashionable hairstyles

Hair, Other crafts  |  May 26th 2011  |  0 Comment

5 hairstyles that will never go out of fashion


The fashion for hair is changing so rapidly that the hair does not always have time to grow up a new trend. But there are some hairstyles that will never go out of fashion! We offer you five classic haircuts. Selecting the perfect option for your image and face shape, you’ll always stylish and fashionable.


Many refer to this hairstyle as dancers and teachers, but it is not so!Not going out of fashion knot looks glamorous and elegant. Each year, the beam always appears on the catwalks this winter in a fashion classic “knot” without frills. Choose a nodule “cold” temptress and amateur classical style in clothes, but this hairstyle can be a complement and a dazzling evening dress and jeans.

Owners of a round face should not delay the hair in a bun too tight. The high beam is visually lengthens the neck.

Made the beam merely elementary, but it is better to do than on freshly hair. Gather hair in a ponytail and twist into a bundle. Twist up until the hair do not begin to pack the cochlea. Fix invisible or studs, sprinkle with lacquer for a strong allegiance to commit.

Haircut, “a boy”

Started the fashion for very short haircuts for women 60 years of 20 th century. Tone as always ask the stars of show business, in a certain period of his career, a boy’s haircut sported Sharon Stone, Madonna, Halle Berry, Kate Moss, Natalie Portmen, and the most recent incarnation – Victoria Beckham.

Very short haircut goes to owners of the narrow face. An important point – nicely contoured neck.

Fit a boy’s haircut elementary – just vzeroshte hair with your fingers while drying. If you prefer, you can pull a few strands of ironing, and the ends of strands to fix the wax. Very short hairstyles look better with bright, saturated colors. To adjust the shape of the face (narrow or draw) in the temporal part of the leave elongated strands.

Long straight hair

Long, shiny, healthy hair is also never out of fashion. You can wear them in different ways – and elegant and casual. The winner of the long hair confident and feminine. Long hair can not get bored – they can be worn with a bang, refresh highlighting, change the bottom line of hair, etc.

Are all long hair, most importantly, that they were healthy and shiny. Owners of long face bangs would help his balance, and adjust the very low or high forehead. Bangs also help hide wrinkles. If you have very thick hair, then cut their best ladder, otherwise they will dominate your face.

In the beauty of long hair, the most important – care: body wraps, nourishing masks and vitamins. When installing, you can use paddles and a special spray for shine.


Kara, Rob, CESSON – call this hairstyle can be different, but the meaning is the same: long hair to about the jawline. Over the past couple of seasons, this haircut just created a furor. How many celebrities have parted ways with his curls: Natalia Vodianova, Keira Knightley, Rihanna, Eva Longoria, Katie Holmes, and this is only part of the list.

Had this haircut in 20 years of 20 century, as a sign of the emancipation of women. Since then, the haircut was a real classic ladies’ hairstyles. Is a penalty to both women with straight hair, and with wavy. Bob looks best on dark hair saturated hues. The ideal face shape – oval or heart. Owners of a round face oval is better to stay in a lengthened version of a square – below the jawline.

Fit a square elementary – just tighten up your hair a big round brush while drying.

“The explosion at the Pasta Factory”

Art mess on his head, unruly mane or out-of-bed look, too, never out of fashion. A hairstyle worn by actress Jane Fonda in the 70′s and Meg Ryan 90. Create three-dimensional shag haircut helps to speed.

This hairstyle is all but depending on the individual person has to choose hair length and jagged haircuts. Than a round face, the length should be locks. Color blocks and weave structure the haircut and visually add extra volume.

Styling: Apply to wet hair mousse volume and dry hair, his head bowed down. Individual strands can be identified using gel or wax.


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