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For lovers of backpacks

Needle crafts, Sewing  |  May 25th 2011  |  0 Comment

(208x273, 33Kb)(207x273, 34Kb)

(250x273, 44Kb)(179x273, 35Kb)

1. At the heart of the backpack is a rectangle.

(350x264, 37Kb)(350x263, 51Kb)

2. Here’s what happened as a result of the assembly. This fully assembled blank for future bags.

(350x174, 50Kb)

3. This form of harvesting from the inside. You can reinforce or strengthen a future bag – it depends on your desires. It also further strengthened the bottom of the bag with a thick (5 mm) adhesive foam (glued to the SEAM), and lateral parts bags of denim – a thin adhesive foam. Horizontal sections of tissue in peas reinforced rayon cloth for cleaning the apartment. It does not need additional stiffness and thickness.

(350x173, 44Kb)

4. Sew belt loops with metal frames for handles. Metal frame size 3h1.5 cm width strap for belt-loop – 3 cm in length when folded – 4 cm wide and sewn tight zigzag straight to the bottom of the bag.

(350x264, 74Kb)

5. It’s time to start to ‘internal’.
Lining cut out so: to put on the finished workpiece linings and cut out the exact same piece of lining. Shorten the long side of the lining of 1.5 cm, then to the excess tissue is not formed within the folds of the bag.
Yes. Sew a pocket for small items.
b,. Further, close to the edge sostrochim lining with a prepared piece. Long side of the scribbles on the edge to the center (or on top of the bag next to the middle of the floor), not until the middle of a centimeter dostrachivaya three, because of the fact that the lining is shorter than the main piece of 1.5 cm in the middle of the bottom formed by a convex crease (cm . photo 5).
g. To remove this crease on the workpiece – safely make an incision in the lining of a length of 3-4 cm, as shown in the photo.

(350x263, 55Kb)

6. In accordance with the pattern, mark up from the inside line of the upper folds.

(350x263, 64Kb)

7. Remove creases in both directions. Surplus cut is not necessary. Allowances to sew by hand to the lining. This will give additional rigidity to the mounting location of handles.

(350x263, 62Kb)

8. Small but important nuance: when you zastrachivat upper fold, leave nazastrochennymi allowances. End of the line is well secure the opposite seam. When the time comes to sew the zipper, you’ll understand why this is necessary.

(350x263, 72Kb)

9. As a result of our efforts have received just such a “boat”:

(350x186, 46Kb)

10. Now zadekoriruem those parts of the joints, which then will we have inside the bag, and there will be visible.
They can be, of course, sewn zig-zagom or pass overlock, but here they edged borders.Okantovyvat need only short sections of side seams. As in the photo.

(350x197, 41Kb)

11. Zastrachivaem side seams from the bottom up to the mid point of the beginning of the upper fold. Here is the future bag with side seams. To skip two nearly identical photos at once shown and swept the top edge of bag, which will be sewed by lightning. Now we see why we can not zastrachivali allowance – it allows you the edge on the corner is not contracted, and go smoothly and beautifully.

(350x263, 60Kb)

12. Under both swept the top edge bag zipper tack. Start the lightning apply to 1-1.5 cm from the point of incision.

(350x258, 60Kb)

13. Few details.
1. When will stitch a band of lightning, mark a small incision suture line folds, and then when another tape seams sew pleats will mix together perfectly.
2. If lightning is too long, trim it so that the “tail” went beyond the line of entry into the bag for 5-6 inches and be sure to fasten the cut ends of the tape, or lightning can break up and there will be problems.
3. At the end of dostrachivayte not to the point of incision of 2.5-3 cm on the otherwise not be able to pull the tail of the lightning outside.

(350x130, 44Kb)

14. . Once we Baste zipper, undo it, and sew around the perimeter of the entrance to the bag close to the edge. Then pave another parallel line a distance of 0.7 mm from the first.This line and decorative, and hides the allowances open upper sections of the bag.

(350x264, 63Kb)

15. In accordance with the pattern and lay the little corner zastrachivaem them to the width of the bottom, as shown in the photo. Then he presses corners to the side seam bags, sew them little buttons, and a bit of smoothing.

(350x263, 42Kb)

16. Pay attention. In this photo kind of bag inside. Our ugly cut on the lining and the open edge of the side seams Bakey hid under zastrochenny corner.

(350x310, 69Kb)

17. Now sew the strap.

A. The width of a strap in finished form – 3 cm width of the workpiece under each strap – 12 cm “lazy” way of making all sorts of pens – with the help of perforated interlining. In this case, the perforated tape is double, the overall width – 11 cm Cut the two identical strips of nonwoven length of 80 cm, with the help of iron glue them to the cloth, do not forget to add allowances on both sides of 0.5 cm (to get the width of the workpiece is equal to 12 cm) and cut two blanks.

(300x225, 32Kb)

B. wipe out each strip in half along the central perforation. If you do not use perforated interlining, then wipe out just two.

(300x225, 32Kb)

B. Each smoothed half need more time to make amends to the center, as if bending it, closing the open cut. For temporary fixation can use ordinary glue sticks to paper. Not fix a continuous strip, and in some places.

(300x225, 29Kb)

G. Here is the prepared for mitigating future straps.

(300x225, 28Kb)

D. Once again, very well wipe out all the bands are bent toward the center.

Tip: To get nice and sharp outer edge, immediately after ironing, strongly push just ironed plot pieces of wood or a wide wooden ruler, and let the fabric cools down under a tree. Smoothed me back!

(300x225, 27Kb)

E. Superpose prepared strips, trim its length. Mark on both halves of the point from which will unzips. Lightning will diverge as if from the bottom up. In the photo with the length of the zipper between the shoulder straps – 46 cm

(300x225, 49Kb)

J. embed lightning inside the folded strip, as shown in the photo. Start the lightning combine with a mark. If you are well mitigated the strips for the straps, then tack does not need anything. You can fix the little lightning bolt inside the bars with the same glue sticks or pins. Open ends of the zipper tape around the thumb, of course, you need to tuck inside, they also leave a seam.

(300x225, 27Kb)

Z. It remains to prostrochit our stripes on the inner side close to the edge, with sewn and lightning. Line laid along the entire length of the strap.

(300x225, 28Kb)

I. And the last time. For greater rigidity and decorative topstitch can strap a few more sutures. Trim if necessary, the ends of the handle – shoulder straps and trim the excess zipper.

(300x225, 32Kb)

18. The width of the handle in a buttoned-up – 6 cm

a) turns the upper corners of the bag inside out and lays on both sides of the middle seam on the outline of 3 cm horizontal line.
b) Subject to the allowances of 1 cm and cut away the upper corners.

(350x130, 25Kb)

19. Let’s start with the front wall of the bag.
Slips into the resulting hole to the end of the handle where the strap are connected by lightning (lightning necessarily thumb down). To strip the strap became easier, cutting allowances in several places, but not reaching the seam line. Align the cut holes and handles and zastrochim together on marked line.

(350x263, 48Kb)

20. Turns the corner, pulling the handle – the front wall of the backpack is ready.

(350x263, 41Kb)

21. Likewise sewn belt-loop from the frame at the back of the pack.
Width of the belt loops – 6 cm, the metal frame the size of 6×2 cm
Workpiece length to belt-loop – 6-8 cm
Belt loops add up the two, pass through it in a frame. And further, by aligning the ends of the belt loops, sewn into its cut corner on the back of our backpack.

(350x233, 44Kb)

22. a) smuggles a strap through the metal frame (on the back).
b) After this, separated by narrow pass through the strap through the metal frame at the bottom and sew them tight zigzag pattern to close the open sections. If your machine will cope with such a thick, it is best the ends of the straps and tuck pristrochit over the edge.

(350x130, 26Kb)

23. And the final touch – close cut end of the zipper. This can be done differently in the photo just carved a small square of denim and trimmed with Applique stitch. Edges slightly razmahreny. That’s all.

(350x263, 36Kb)

Author: Irina Lukashenko

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