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Food gifts: Sunflower Cupcakes

Cake, Recipes  |  September 13th 2011  |  0 Comment

Summertime Tutorial for Sunflower Cupcakes

Our pacific northwest June gloom is beginning to give way to actual sunshine and warm weather and it’s putting me in a very summery mood!  Awhile back I made these sunflower cupcakes for my husband’s birthday and summer feels like the appropriate time to post a tutorial for them.  This is my version of the quite popular sunflower cupcake.  (Just do a Google image search for “sunflower cupcake” and you’ll see what I mean.)

You’ll need:
some cooled cupcakes (duh!)
some yellow frosting (I used Betty Crocker cream cheese flavor and added some yellow food coloring)
a pastry bag
#98 ruffle decorating tip
#30 closed star decorating tip
oreo cookies (one for each cupcake)

Separate the oreo cookies.  Use a dab of frosting to secure half of the oreo (the half without the white filling stuff) to the very top of the cupcake.  Do with the other half what you will – eat it, share it, toss it out – because you won’t be needing it for the cupcakes.

Attach the #98 ruffle decorating tip to your pastry bag and fill the bag with delicious yellow frosting.  I am no expert so I had to look up what the names of these decorating tips were.  In case your have a simliar culinary education, I’ve taken a photo of the tips I used.  The one I’m refering to for this step is the crescent-shaped tip with the teeth on one side.
With the teeth side down (facing the counter) pipe the first layer of frosting petals around the cupcake.  Begin at the oreo cookie and gently squeeze the frosting out while moving the pastry bag towards you and down.  Stop just as the petal is hanging over the edge of the cupcake.  This might sound a little tricky but you’ll learn that it just takes a couple of practice petals to find your squeezing and squirting rhythm.
Get ready to make the second layer of petals with the same crescent-shaped tip.  This time the teeth should be facing up.  Each petal of this second layer should be between two petals of the first layer.  See the photo for Perfect Petal Placement (PPP).  Just like last time, begin at the oreo cookie and gently squeeze the frosting out while moving the pastry bag towards you and down.  Stop just at the edge of the cupcake (this layer of petals is not as long and droopy as the first layer).
Switch your decorating tip to the star shape for the last layer of petals.  This time, begin on the outer edge of the oreo cookie and between two petals of the previous row.  Gently squeeze the frosting out while moving the pastry bag towards you and slightly up.  I thought of it as ”kissing” the frosting onto the oreo and that helped me to get the shape I was going for.  I probably even made little kissing sounds, but that’s not required.
You should now have three layers of frosting petals.
You’re done with your first sunflower cupcake! You will get in the groove and your technique will improve with each successive sunflower.  Just two morsels of advice before I go.  First, make sure to refrigerate the cupcakes until serving time so the frosting doesn’t start to droop.  Second, be prepared for a top-heavy cupcake.  All that frosting really weighs them down and they’ll flip right over and splat onto the counter if you don’t pick them up accordingly.

I’d love to see some photos if you give these a try!
Source: fowlsinglefile.blogspot.com