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Food gifts: Happy New Year bunny!

Christmas's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Newyear's Eve, Recipes  |  December 12th 2011  |  0 Comment

Non-bento 28: Happy New Year bunny!

Food gifts: Happy New Year bunny!

We could’ve gone all out and made “osechi”, a very traditional bento/meal for a new year with 16 different dishes, but it’s very time consuming and can cost a lot since I have to get many ingredients at a Japanese supermarket… and I’m lazy. So we just decided to make our favorite easy & lazy meal, sushi! But I thought it’d be too boring to have just plain salmon and tuna, so I added this year’s eto! (the animal of the year from the twelve animals of the Zodiac)

Non-bento #28: Happy New Year bunny!
Created and eaten on: 01/01/2011

This year is a year of Rabbit, so I made rabbits with Kamaboko (fish cake). First I cut Kamaboko into a thick piece, then peel 3/4 of the pink part with a knife. And I cut the pink part alongside and made a loop, sticking the end of it under the front of the loop. Then I put black sesame seed for the eye and put a little bit of ketchup on the cheek using a toothpick.  I happened to have carrot leaf (I usually save it and make temupra with it. It’s delicious!! I’ll post about it someday.), so I put a small piece on each sushi to add some green.


Non-bento 28: Happy New Year bunny!So easy and cute!

Non-bento 28: Happy New Year bunny!Adorable looking food always taste better.

Since it’s not much to write about this non-bento, I’ll write about what we did on the new year’s eve.

We went to the house of @SPOng_Lupos and @ButtercupPrncss in the evening of 31st. When we got there, there were two other friends already playing Rockband 3. We played some Kinect Sports, which was surprisingly fun. You really have to use the whole body for some mini-games, and you can also play it against other people. (Boys vs girls is always fun.) Two other friends joined us later, and we played some more. I though Dance Central was the only decent Kinect game at this point but Kinect Sports is a great workout game. It’s definitely better than Wii games using an Wii balance board. With Kinect, you can really jump, without worrying that you’ll fall off the board or break the plastic board under your feet. For a running long jump on Kinect Sports, you have to pick up your knees pretty high, so you can’t cheat on doing quick little steps like you’d on an Wii board. While I played a running long jump, I realized that when you run on the spot, picking up your knees really high and pretend to jump, you can’t help but really jump, and drop down just like you’d do on a running long jump. I actually got nice bruises on my knees for doing this but I don’t mind at all. I think it’s great that you can get physically engaged with a game that much.

After we did a countdown via streaming video (hooray for internet), we watched Disney’s Robin Hood for some reason. Derek remembered almost all the lines in the film and it was fun to watch him do the characters’ voices. We left the party around 3:00 AM. We were walking back to our place, and suddenly I had craving for french fries, and we were right in front of McDonald’s. It was still open but they were only taking orders for drive through. I convinced Derek and we actually got in the line of cars. We were in the line for 5 minutes or so, and more cars were lining up behind us. Then I realized it was such a ridiculous idea. Why were we lining up behind cars to buy french fries at McDonald’s on January 1st of 2011?? That definitely not was the way we wanted to start the year of 2011. So we got out of the line and headed home and went to bed. Phew, that was a close one!
Speaking of Kinect game, oher Kinect I want to try other than Dance Central is Kinect Your Shape Fitness Evolved. It looked really silly in the presentation video but after playing Kinect Sports, I think I might want to try it.
Also one of the very important reasons (to me, and to many women out there, I’m sure) I’ll pick Kinect workout game over an Wii board work out game is that, Kinect will NOT weigh your body weight or make your Mii (your avatar on Wii) look FAT because you gain a few pounds. I was also surprised how judgmental the cute Wii balance board character could be.

Anyway, we got Dance Central delivered but because of the blizzard, we haven’t gotten Kinect yet. We’ve been staring at Dance Central for a couple of days now. Such a tease.