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Food gifts: Fun Pancakes

Cake, Recipes  |  September 19th 2011  |  0 Comment

[Fun] Pancakes!

For Saturday breakfast we usually do a little more than the usual cereal, oatmeal, or eggs. Sometimes waffles or pancakes. Today I wanted to try my hand at some fancy, fun pancakes. I’m amazed at Jim over at Jim’s Pancakes and the gorgeous pancake art he makes for his little ones! I’m a long ways away from making my own beautiful caterpillars, dinosaur bones, carousels or bird houses, but I thought this morning was a nice start!

I mixed up a batch of Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Pancakes. I use half all-purpose flour and half cake flour because I don’t have a lot of cake flour around. I split the batch in half and tinted one half with thawed frozen blueberry juice then thinned the plain batch a little with some more milk. I got some squeeze bottles from the 100 yen store and funneled the pancake batter into two bottles. The blueberry pancake portions of my designs weren’t obviously blue, but they were darker, which at least made for a nice contrast.

I started with some lines and swirls on round pancakes to warm up. Then I made a crazy face and some little suns (which don’t really look like suns and were quite fragile.)

I tried some little polka dot hearts. They look like weird little faces.

Then I made heart initial pancakes for the boys. Don’t mind my gaps!

Since Rhino is working on his ABCs and 123s, I made up some of those for us to talk about while he gobbled them up. You can see that the numbers are actually blue.

I like the flipped side of the pancakes, so I do everything backwards when I write it out, then when I flip it it looks pretty. That’s what I did for the hearts with initials, too. Blueberry batter backwards letter first, then surround it with a plain batter heart.

And I know my lowercase a is backwards on the plate. I’m a little dyslexic these days!

The boys are a little train crazy right now, so I made a train pancake for them. I think it would be fun to have a whole train pancake morning some Saturday where all I make is different train cars and put a little bit more artistic effort into it all! It’s hard to draw with pancake batter that starts to run and ooze as soon as it hits the pan!

The boys got a kick out of it all and seriously pigged out! I’m looking forward to exercising my pancake creativity on future Saturday mornings. I have so many cute ideas, I just don’t know if I can execute them with pancake batter just yet!