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Food gifts: A bouquet of strawberry

Carving fruit, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Recipes  |  August 21st 2011  |  0 Comment

-strawberry is the first sladakaya and beautiful, and serve can be very beautiful, but if more and suddenly, all will be a sensation! bouquet of silk roses with strawberries strawberries is placed on wooden skewers pointed (shampurchiki barbecue) for one pieces on 1/2-2/3 size. Live or artificial flowers and leaves are always pleased to complement fruit bouquets. At the end of the meal, these flowers can give guests a memento. Chocolate (preferably of different colors – bitter, milk, white) or icing warm in a water bath until tender (in any case a lot too do not overheat), and fully impaled on skewers glaze berries strawberry dip in mass to the level of 2-3 mm skewers. After the glaze chocolate glazed berries immediately immerse in ice water for 20-30 seconds and dry with a soft cloth, then allow to dry completely. After hardening glaze (chocolate) to decorate with patterns of kornetika heated in a water bath of chocolate in different colors
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Food gifts:

A bouquet of strawberry

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