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Flowers Valentine: making ribbon roses tutorial

Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making flower, Mother's day, Valentine's day  |  January 3rd 2012  |  0 Comment

Flowers for mother’s day: making ribbon roses tutorial


  To decorate gifts, elegant trim elements clothing, etc. can be used decorative knots, similar to the flowers. With a clever tying ribbons, you can create an exact copy of rose surprisingly capable even replace the original.

0014 (700x527, 20Kb)


0102 (700x527, 26Kb)

We need:

The segment colored satin ribbon about 30 cm

Green floristskaya tape needle and thread

A segment of steel or copper wire around 20-25 cm

Hot glue gun and scissors

0027 (700x527, 27Kb)

Sewing ribbon with the picture
0036 (700x527, 33Kb)

Sew the tape from the bottom with small stitches as close as possible to the edge. Then, holding one end of the tape, on the other end, pull the thread that runs along the edge, gathering the folds of the ribbon
0047 (700x527, 27Kb)

0057 (700x527, 25Kb)

Using a little glue on the edge of the tape and attach the wire, which will serve as the stem
0069 (700x527, 17Kb)

Then, wrapping the tape around the wire styagivate her for putting the thread evenly future bud
0077 (700x527, 17Kb)

Secure the end of the tape adhesive 0089 (700x527, 22Kb)

0014 (700x527, 20Kb)

Happy Valentine day!

Read more: http://www.kripkrap.ru/art/rozi-iz-lent/