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Flowers for valentine: Make Valentine lollipop flowers

Candy, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making cards, Making flower, Paper crafts, Valentine's day  |  September 19th 2011  |  0 Comment

Make Valentine lollipop flowers

Lollipop Flowers
Lollipop flowers are a cute Valentine’s Day craft, so H and I set about making some on Friday. Unfortunately, the steps can be tricky for little hands so we modified the project to make it toddler friendly. Here’s what we did, so your little one can make a bunch:

Original Valentine lollipop flowers [adapted from Martha Stewart]
You’ll need:

- Lollipops
- Coloured paper (we used pink and green)
- Cupcake liners (we used pink and green)
- Scissors
- Hole punch
- Tape
- Glue


Lollipop Flower Steps I
Step one:
Take a piece of paper, fold sides into centre and then fold in half (as shown).

Step two:
Cut a half heart shape along the folded side of the paper. Repeat.

Step three:
Unfold hearts. Stack and hole punch at the bottom of the heart.

Lollipop Flower Steps II
Step four:
Thread three hearts onto each lollipop stick.

Step five:
Carefully thread a cupcake liner onto the end of the lollipop stick and secure underside with tape.

Step six:
Fold green paper in half and cut a leaf with stem along the fold.

Step seven:
Take a thin piece of green paper, secure to top of lollipop and wind down the length. Secure at base with tape.

Step eight:
Place stem of lollipop into middle of unfolded leaf. Glue underside of leaves and fold together around lollipop stick.

Step nine:
Write the recipients name on leaf.

Lollipop flowers I

These steps proved to be a bit tricky for Hunter who’s not yet two, so we modified the steps slightly:

Toddler friendly flowers

Additional materials – coloured pencils or chalk.

Hunter Steps
Toddler step one:
Use coloured pencils or chalk to decorate cupcake liners.


Toddler step two:
Carefully thread a pink then a green cupcake liner onto the end of the lollipop stick and secure underside with tape.

Toddler step three:
Ask a grown-up to help you follow step six, seven, eight and nine from above instructions (or skip steps altogether).

Toddler step four:
Write a love letter to your sweetheart to accompany your sweet treat.

Source: http://littlelovely.typepad.com