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Flower purse for women, crochet patterns

Crochet, Video  |  December 23rd 2011  |  0 Comment

Flower purse for women, crochet patterns

Use the remnants of thread

DSC_3263 (350x350, 59Kb)DSC_1617 (350x350, 49Kb)

DSC_1620 (350x350, 50Kb)DSC_1621 (350x350, 52Kb)DSC_1681 (350x350, 38Kb)DSC_1692 (350x350, 35Kb)DSC_1693 (350x350, 38Kb)DSC_1694 (350x350, 35Kb)DSC_1754 (350x350, 52Kb)DSC_2635 (350x350, 66Kb)DSC_2636 (350x350, 67Kb)DSC_2708 (350x350, 57Kb)DSC_2711 (350x350, 58Kb)DSC_2712 (350x350, 57Kb)DSC_3122 (350x350, 62Kb)DSC_3123 (350x350, 60Kb)DSC_3125x (350x350, 64Kb)DSC_3126 (349x350, 67Kb)DSC_3256 (350x350, 59Kb)DSC_3257 (350x350, 60Kb)DSC_3610 (350x350, 51Kb)DSC_3613 (350x350, 53Kb)DSC_4281 (350x350, 41Kb)DSC_4282 (350x350, 43Kb)DSC_4283 (350x350, 45Kb)DSC_4316 (350x350, 47Kb)DSC_4317 (350x350, 54Kb)EM_1616 (350x350, 53Kb)P5151326 (350x263, 56Kb)
P5151328 (350x263, 57Kb)DSC_0022 (350x350, 40Kb)


How to Crochet a Puff Stitch FlowerThis video will show you how to crochet a Puff Stitch Flower. It is really quick to make and will look great attached to a headband, bag, purse or poncho
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DSC_1621 (350x350, 52Kb)

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