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Flower Paper crafts

Making flower, Origami, Paper crafts  |  September 7th 2011  |  0 Comment

Flowers of office paper

I sat back and haunted the hands. As the saying goes … the patient’s head does not rest )))))) hands 
tsvetikom One I’ve already boasted. I decided to try to do the same, only with another punch curb.Some just tinted with ink, some embossila. That’s actually what happened.  :-)

Maybe someone will prove useful such flowers. I do not know if the MC on it, so I made ​​her)) 
Let’s make this such a flower.

We will need:

3 ribbons of colored borders of office paper by 20 cm. I cut a sheet of landscape in width.Scissors, glue, 3 different diameters of the circle, stamp pad and the middle of a flower. 1. Take a big circle, lubricate it with glue and glue the curb at the edge of the circle.

2. Paste so all three circles.

3. Then, on the principle of layer cake glue – large, medium, small and middle of a flower.

4. Take a pad and toniruem.

Source: mojarthobby.blogspot.com