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Flower Pancakes tutorial

Cake, Recipes  |  April 29th 2011  |  0 Comment

[flower shaped pancake on a plate]

Flower Pancakes tutorial

If you’re making pancakes for Mother’s Day here is a simple way to make them extra special. All you’ll need is a squeeze bottle.

[squeeze bottle filled with pancake batter]

I cut the tip of mine a bit to allow for a larger opening.

Forming, or drawing, the flowers is fairly simple. You might want to set the temperature under your pan a half stop lower than you’d normally use for pancakes to give yourself a bit of time to draw.

[steps of drawing a pancake in batter on a hot skillet]

Start with the center, put one dot of batter in the center of the pan and wait a brief moment, then put another dot just next to it, wait, and another that touches them. The pause between dots will create more definition, if you dab them down too quickly they will come out looking like a solid blob. A slightly off-center set of dots will look more organic than a geometric pattern of six dots surrounding the center.

Draw one petal and fill it in with batter, then draw the next petal. You’ll want to make the petals fairly wide at the top. A lot of the most romantic flowers grow with sets of five petals so I made sure I made them wide enough to cover the space with only five. An odd number of petals will also help make the flower appear more organic and hopefully a bit less cartoony.

Lastly draw a leaf and fill it in. When you flip your pancake over you will see your picture emerge. Hopefully.

[many flower pancakes on a platter]

Since these take a bit longer to make it’s a good idea to put a plate in your oven and set it to warm to keep your pancakes until you’re ready to present them.

[a table with two place settings]


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