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Flower gifts: Paper Flower Bouquet With Cupcake Liner Accordian Folded Flowers

Flower arrangement, Holiday & seasonal crafts  |  August 28th 2011  |  0 Comment

Cupcake liner flowers meet paper accordian folded flowers by the pool

Flower gifts: Paper Flower Bouquet With Cupcake Liner Accordian Folded Flowers

Craft tutorial

Cupcake liner flowers when combined with simple accordion folded paper flowers result in a beautiful and simple paper flower bouquet to grace your table or add some cheer to a little corner in your home. And with the Jewish holiday of Shavuot coming up in about three weeks, now is a great time to start filling our homes with flowers to honor this special holiday! And while I generally wouldn’t want to see stems of my flowers, in this case the colorful pipe cleaner stems look sweet, and in fact I even added some flower-less pipe cleaners to the bunch to fill it out a bit!

You’ll Need:

  • 20 plus year old nicely faded construction paper found at your mother’s house
  • 30 plus year old pastel colored cupcake liners (which so nicely match that construction paper!) found in your mother’s cabinet
  • colored pipe cleaners also from your mother’s stash
  • a stapler

How To:

Make flowers according to the tutorials above, but make the accordion folded flowers with only one layer of paper, and leave a small open space near the center when closing. Slip the pipe cleaner stem of the cupcake liner flowers through this hole, and twist the stems together. Make a bunch to fill a vase, experiment with other types of flowers, or add paper leaves if you wish, and enjoy!

Source: Creativejewishmom.com