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Flower for decor

Flower arrangement, Green crafts, Recycle  |  September 25th 2011  |  0 Comment

Recycled Flower Arrangements

I like fresh cut flowers,

lots of them,

all the time.

I’ve said before that in my dream life, I would have fresh arrangements delivered to my door every single morning. Chris surprises me with a lot of fresh flower special deliveries though! It must be because I’m so spoiled sweet.

Cut flowers don’t last long but there is an obvious simple tip you can use to keep your bouquets looking pretty longer!After your arrangement starts to wither, pull out all the flowers and re arrange into new mini bouquets: give your flowers a transformation! It will feel as if you have a TOTALLY NEW flower arrangement!

It’s like this…

This arrangement started out from the florist like this:

But as the flowers started to wither, I took it apart and discarded the dead flowers:

Then I had a reinvented arrangement:

Another bunch of gorgeous flowers:

And, after the lilies bloomed and everything else died, I grouped the leftovers into a different vase and it looked like this:

I even used some for a mountain picnic:

And this:

Becomes something simple for the dinner table:

Party decor flowers:

Become this: Typically, I’m not a fan of dried flowers, but mini roses dry so beautifully!

Be creative with your use of fresh cut flowers

- put in an old soda bottle, tie with twine,
and give to a new neighbor

- put in a big drinking pitcher
and use a centerpiece for a breakfast buffet.

- always buy flowers when entertaining and hosting dinners or events. You can find them on clearance at the grocery store.

- use for party centerpieces. Nothing is prettier
or EASIER than flowers.

- use for gift toppers (thank you Melissa!)

- tie up a bundle and put in a basket for picnics

- randomly give to little girls when you’re out

- leave some in your guest room when you have company

-bundle some pretties in a mason jar and surprise your best friend

I’m a fresh cut flower kind of girly girl! I have always loved taking pictures of my flowers since I was just a little girl. I could make an entire album of just flower bouquets I’ve received through the years. It’s more than beautifully colored flowers: each arrangement brings back a feeling, a memory, and a moment in time. That’s what the photos give me.