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Felt pictures: Colgate Invisible Nasties

Felt  |  September 15th 2011  |  0 Comment

My kids absolutely love Felt Creations.  I had purchased them a few sets a couple of years ago when I was holidaying in Australia and ever since I’ve been itching to make some new pieces to add to their ever expanding pile of felt scenes and this gave me the perfect opportunity.   When I suggested this to the kids they were over the moon.

So with their help (which involved telling me what to do and what colors to use and how many items I required … they’re very pushy), we came up with these:

Tooth Family Felt Creation

(All background images – board, pond, foliage, house, sun & clouds were part of their existing sets)

Marisol insists that I make more tooth family members to include Grandma and Grandpa for the above storyboard.

Nighttime Felt Creation Board

(All background images – board, bed, girl/boy, teddy bear and nighttime window were part of their existing sets)

I was so happy with how the invisible nasties pyjama set and the vanity with sink and bathroom items turned out.  Marisol and Flynn were thrilled with their look-alike felt dolls.

And it’s not an invisible nasties project without a few nasties to play with.

Monsters and Teeth Felt Creation

This particular board I hand-made.  They are really easy to do.  Once it was made I painted a brick wall on the bottom section.  Here are the directions:



Spray adhesive

Board – stiff cardboard from a packing box, ply-wood or in my case I used an off-cut from a framing mat


Felt board collage

These are the steps I used to create the new brushing teeth before bedtime scene, invisible nasties and the tooth family.

Items required:


Fabric paint – you can also use felt markers

paper and pencil – to make a stencil

To make:

Draw the images to be created on paper and cut out to use as a stencil on the felt.

Once the main image has been cut out, use a washable fabric marker or pencil to draw outlines on each item

Paint and let dry.

You can make all kinds of fabulous felt scenes for your kids and it’s a great way to use up any scraps of felt you have laying around.

Source: @tonyastaab.com