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Felt crarfts: Crate & Barrel “Layla” Knockoff

Pillows, Sewing  |  September 14th 2011  |  0 Comment

Felt pillow with round,

sewing patterns

First step? Pick up some felt at Hobby Lobby. Spent $4 on a yard of it (and could have gotten away with a half yard, I have a ton left over). Then I cut it in a 17×17 inch square.
Then I traced out some circles so I could cut them out. The sizes I used? A quarter, the lid to vitamin C supplements, and a half dollar.
Then cut out the sixty bazillion circles.
The description to the pillow says that the edges are singed for texture and depth. So I did the same thing. Used a candle to slightly singe the edges. Warning! These can burn fast, don’t hold it too close.
The singed one is on the top, the non singed one is on the bottom. Can you see a difference?
Then I laid out my circles to get my layout. I handsewed my circles, which took FOREVER. But I do have a certain 7 month old who decided this week that I can’t put her down, so I could only sew for a few minutes at a time, or after she went to bed.
Then after it’s all finished (don’t judge my ugly backside), I sewed the front and back together. Don’t forget to leave an opening so you can flip and stuff it.
And then you flip it, stuff it, and sew up the hole.

And it’s fabulous and you love it and think I must be awesome to be able to handsew all of those circles and make them look perfect, right?

Well, I won’t lie. Some of my circles looked like this awesome circle.

And some circles, you’d swear that I was drunk while I sewed them.
Source: lifecraftsandwhatever.blogspot.com