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Felt art: unique felt scarves tutorial

Felt  |  September 20th 2011  |  0 Comment

La galaxy and befoer 027Adventures in Nuno

So, my felting (yes Karen, I said ‘felting’) obsession continues in full force, and I promised a tutorial right?  but then i got carried away playing with ‘nuno’ felting. Nuno (Japanese for ‘cloth’) describes a felting technique when wool or other loose fiber is bonded to a sheer fabric (most often silk).  Pretty much anything with an open weave (ie. you can blow through it and feel your breath on the other side….which makes for some odd images of me at the fabric store!!) can be used. The resulting pieces tend to be lighter and more delicate-looking than felted wool alone. It’s useful to have an extra couple of pieces of kit here (to add to your pool noodle, bubble wrap, knee high stockings, dishwashing liquid and other seemingly random items etc….): a polyester curtain ($2.99 for a pair from a Ventura thrift store!) and a finishing sander!!!  yes a sander -  I never thought I’d be excited to own a sander!  I got this one.

There are a few differences between wet felting and nuno felting.  You have to be a little bit more precious with nuno, and it takes a bit longer to coax the little wool roving fibers through the silk and tangle and get stuck.  That’s where the sander is a big help.  You can roll your bubble wrap bundle for eternity (close to), or you can do that for a little while then blast the thing with 14000 orbits (vibration thingies)/min  (sorry neighbours for the excessive power tool usage!!).

I promise (fingers may be crossed) I will put up some photo tutorials for these techniques one day…. but I keep forgetting to take pertinent photos!  So for now, here are a couple of my creations so far.

Meadow Flowers Scarf:

La galaxy and befoer 022My spring meadow-inspired scarf laid out on silk gauze (before nuno felting)

La galaxy and befoer 025

Close up of the flowers before felting. I was inspired by some of the flowers that I saw in Rosiepink’s “Creating Felt Artwork” e-book.

La galaxy and befoer 028Taa-daaaa! I was really excited about how this nuno scarf turned out :-)

La galaxy and befoer 027With a bit of soapy water and lots of rolling and sanding, the wool fibers migrate through the silk and lock into place.

La galaxy and befoer 029I found the purple and pink yarn that I’m using as a stem in a grab bag at a thrift store.  I love that it looks like leaves on a flower stem.

Starry Starry Night Scarf:

Starry starry night 015What do you mean I’m being over-ambitious?!! My take on Van Gogh’s “starry starry night” (is it really called that, or is that just the song title?). Scarf before nuno-felting.

Starry starry night 017I love the colors in this (thanks V-G!  I added some purple too). Before nuno-felting

Starry starry night 021

Starry starry night 023Close-ups before nuno-felting.

Starry starry night 043After felting:  I was a little disappointed about how the image got shrunken and a little distorted.  Perhaps I should do a wall hanging so it stays a bit ‘fluffier’.  Some lovely ladies at ”the felting forum” told me I was being too harsh on myself and gave me advice on how to manage shrinkage another time.

Starry starry night 044I do like it…..honest :-)

Scarves 080611 020 I made the iris scarf with white merino roving (wool) and layered on purple and green roving for the irises and leaves.  I added some gold silk hankie and some silk tops in gold and purples and greens, to add some shine. the green swirly stuff is some Icelandic yarn.

Scarves 080611 021

close up of an iris.  i love the way the silk hanky (from one silkworm cocoon) and silk top wrinkles up when I felt it.

Then I made this:

Scarves 080611 027I love the purples.
Felting 081211 055
yeah I know this is out of focus but I kinda like the way it shows the colors! I’ll get some proper pics taken soon!

Scarves 080611 033arms….are….too….short!

Then I made a snowdrop one using Prussian blue, with some white Merino for the snowdrops and decorated with grey merino and some silk top highlighting

Felting 081211 056

Felting 081211 057

I made this one for mum’s 70th birthday (it was the second one ever that I made).  I added some beads to create a feather look

Scarves 010

Scarves 013