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Fashion Gift for boys: crafts tutorial

Other crafts  |  September 21st 2011  |  0 Comment

Craft lessons

Tutorial: Heat Transfer

Today’s tutorial is another view on how to create heat transfer projects.  You will see how simple and easy it is. Choose the design you want to cut out on your heat transfer.  Make sure you mirror it so when you iron it, it will be ironed the right direction.

Then place your heat transfer in your silhouette shiny side down (this is the liner).

Then click on the send to silhouette link.  Weed the excess heat transfer away from the design, now you are ready to iron.

Place your design down on to your project and iron.  Make sure you apply pressure for 45 seconds and then move to the next spot on your design and repeat.

Now you have a perfect little shirt.  If you thought this looked like fun pick up the Heat Transfer Starter Kit and try it out for yourself!!!  This shape is only available in the kit!