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Fashion crochet swimsuit for girls

Crochet, Summer  |  March 8th 2012  |  1 Comment

Fashion crochet swimsuit for girls

How to crochet swimsuit tutorial

Beginning to crochet from the bottom (with the pants that is). She took her favorite panties, and put to them in the process of knitting.

Crochet panties:

Crrochet flower for bra: In total it took me to the two cups 66 such squares.

Here’s a diagram:

Sew the squares together like this:

Here’s how it happened

And this is from the inside:

Wraps around the bra.

“Cavity” for the tape (under the breast), I decided to connect the spokes, so it was thinner. Fit in the hollow elastic band (also called a gum – “bag”

Now knit braid itself. You can crochet. I was knitting on a spool (as it turns round and soft)

crochet a circle.

Now connect the shorts with a ring through cosmic rays. pattern (I’m knitting a regular mesh, it is possible to associate such “pineapple”)

Similarly, knit pattern on the bodice to the ring.

Insert the ribbon and ready

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Fashion crochet swimsuit for girls