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Fall Window tutorial

Cutting paper, Home decor, Making flower  |  April 30th 2011  |  0 Comment

The window in my living room was due for a season change. This is how it’s looked for the last few months. Pretty, but not very Fallish.

I went to my Cricut to cut out some viny leaves and branches. The only thing I was worried about were my color limitations because I wasn’t going to be able to buy new vinyl.

I cut out white branches and brown and black leaves. I used contact paper for the white instead of vinyl.

First, I connected the 3 branches together so they looked like one long branch.

I started by placing the double leaves on the branch first.

Then the single black leaves.

And finally the single brown leaves. I think the color limitations worked in my favor.

I added some cattails and curly pieces to the vases on each side of the window.

And then a Fall wreath to the front of the window. I just hung it buy a ribbon and tacked it to the top of the window frame.

Another no cost Fall decoration for my home.

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