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E’s 1st Birthday Party: Decorations

Holiday & seasonal crafts, Home and garden  |  September 7th 2011  |  0 Comment

We decided to have our little E’s party a week early due to a few scheduling conflicts. That’s alright by me. The longer the celebration the better! It’s no secret that I love birthdays and think they should be extra special. Naturally, I felt that the occassion of my 1st born’s very 1st birthday deserved nothing less than a stellar celebration. I put in so much work, and I can honestly say it was extremely stressful. I was given a little bit of a hard time about the extensity of the party. In my mind it had everything to do with how special my little boy is to me. I have waited just about my whole life for someone this special to celebrate, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop celebrating his life. Here’s how it all turned out…

The Decor:

The weather was predicted to be the perfect clear day for a swim. I had set everything completely up in the backyard by the pool and turned my back for a moment only to find everything had blown off, over, and apart. It turned out to be a fairly windy day, but still warm. The party was to be held at 1, and at 12:00 we decided to bring all the decor into the breezeway as to avoid the ”breeze.” I kept thinking to myself- “I will not cry over E’s party.” Needless to say I didn’t have the time I needed to get everything finished and ended up with a full box of decor I didn’t even use. Despite the weather upset, I’m surprised at how quickly we were able to re-decorate.

I wanted to make good use of things I already owned, and create a very eclectic, whimsical, and boyish scene. I reused, recycled, and thrifted the crap out of it. The entire party cost me just a little over $100 bucks.

Circle banners were made with string, paper and a glue gun, and the pennants are made from newspaper. A little green, and a little different.

I used circus themed toys some of which E already owned, and some I found thrifting. All containers were found for $1 or less at the thrift store, or reused cans.
I made about over 2 dozen pinwheels from boyish and coordinating papers. I even used an already damaged Dr. Seuss book for some of them. I finished them each off with a vintage button.
I wrapped a formula can in tickets to hold some of the pinwheels

Frames from the thrift store, printed phrases.

Word to the wise: Don’t ever try to transport cupcakes and expect them not to smash into eachother. We fixed them. :) The tray is a gorgeously modern CB2 lent out to me through my work.

These were the easiest cupcake toppers ever. I just glued a printed E onto the back of a ticket! We bought a roll of blank tickets for around 2 bucks and they worked wonderfully for all sorts of cheap decor.

I made the cupcake tray for under $5 with plates and candle holders from the thrift store.

Lucky for me, there’s a popcorn machine in the family. I added the chalkboard detail with chalkboard vinyl via Uppercase Living, and the tickets were put to use again hanging over some of the goodie bags.

Some of the goodie bags were made with the same Dr. Seuss book.

Nestled next to the popcorn machine was the simple popcorn set up.

I saw these boxes at the dollar store holding some caramel corn and thought they would be perfect. I asked the manager, and she gave them to me for free.
 How charming is this ferris wheel built from vintage Tinker Toys I was given at a yard sale last year? Thanks goes out to my brothers and dad for completing it.

This table cloth fabric was my inspiration for the entire party decor. It came in a random selection of fabric I purchased for $3 from the thrift store.

I printed the vintage lemonade sign and added cardboard/wire to create a sign. Cherries in the lemonade, and straws from the dollar bins at Target complete the table.

Over by the picinic/eating area, I hung a birthday banner using pages from letter books, and vintage/whimsical circus images.

Lastly, I had a thank you table with a tin full of favors, and a magnet board showcasing E’s 1 year pictures.
The cute tin was from the dollar bins @ Target.

The board was so simple. I just wrapped brown paper around a strip of sheet metal and glued the “One” sign on to match the other signs I had framed.
Old Jam jar turned message bottle.

Phew! It makes me tired just thinking about all the preperation again. Tune in tomorrow for part 2!

Source: @fortheloveofblogtherapy.com