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Embroidery sewing with buttons: creative ideas

Beading and knotting, Embroidery, Making flower, Sewing  |  August 12th 2011  |  0 Comment


3437689_button_19 (450x338, 35Kb)

Embroidery sewing with buttons: creative ideas

Embroidery sewing

3437689_button_18 (450x338, 34Kb)

3437689_button_20 (321x450, 34Kb)

3437689_button_21 (338x450, 36Kb)

3437689_button_24 (300x450, 28Kb)


3437689_button_23 (300x261, 12Kb)

3437689_button_25 (450x338, 33Kb)

3437689_button_26 (450x399, 24Kb)

3437689_button_28 (360x450, 37Kb)

3437689_button_29 (338x450, 37Kb)

3437689_button_1 (429x450, 37Kb)

3437689_button_3 (450x354, 31Kb)

3437689_button_4 (416x450, 31Kb)

3437689_button_5 (450x341, 31Kb)

3437689_button_6 (338x450, 26Kb)

3437689_button_8 (450x300, 23Kb)

3437689_button_10 (450x450, 29Kb)

3437689_button_11 (450x450, 24Kb)

3437689_button_13 (338x450, 30Kb)

3437689_button_14 (338x450, 26Kb)