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embroidery CDs ideas

Embroidery, Recycle  |  May 12th 2011  |  0 Comment

Embroidery on CD

 (500x505, 67Kb)

 (197x200, 10Kb) (200x200, 8Kb) (200x197, 9Kb)

I would like to add that this art is not new, there is an incredibly interesting work, and artists engaged in precisely this kind of creativity. And originally used as a base board, and izonit on the discs – just cute and fun touch to an old art. + Interesting option for disposing of “waste “….Indeed, soon after all the New Year! And the dominance of discs each, and just throw it away – sorry …..

So let’s have a masterpiece!

 (191x200, 8Kb) (195x200, 10Kb) (200x196, 8Kb)

 (200x190, 9Kb) (194x200, 10Kb) (200x198, 7Kb)

 (200x189, 8Kb) (200x195, 9Kb) (196x200, 9Kb)

 (200x192, 8Kb) (200x198, 7Kb) (200x200, 7Kb)

 (200x197, 8Kb)  (200x198, 8Kb)

Want to try it themselves? Here’s the scheme:)

 (200x200, 3Kb) (200x200, 4Kb) (200x200, 3Kb)

Holes in the discs can be drilled or drilling, or on a machine drill 1mm (in some cases and with a thick thread – 2mm). You can poke holes heated needle. You can dig up an awl. In-general, the more able – and those “drill.”

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