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Emboidery patterns for gifts and more

Embroidery  |  August 31st 2011  |  0 Comment

I’ve been having fun hand embroidering on top of fabric as of late. I’ve been working on these two ladies for a while, but I can’t decide what to make them into.

Any ideas? Let me tell you about them…

I gathered some thread and a needle and a hoop and all that jazz…

And this adorbs kokka treffle fabric I snagged at Fabricworm.

And went to town!

i was playing around with different stitches, like chain stitches (in green)…

I adore a bunch of french knots…

I tried out a satin padded stitch for a little depth.

I also gave them french knot eyeballs which I think are maybe a little creepy?

Anyhoo, these are my ladies as of now.

Source: @prudentbaby.com