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Elephant for kids: Replicate Shapes tutorial

Paper crafts  |  September 22nd 2011  |  0 Comment

Tutorial: Replicate Shapes

Ok this is a very basic tutorial, but will be so helpful for projects you are wanting to duplicate.  I am going to be creating large polka dots for a canvas wall hanging and will be teaching you how you can make them evenly spaced and aligned.

I of course size my art board to be the size of my project and then I drew a 1.5″ circle.

Now I can duplicate this circle.  Start by selecting the circle, then click on your replicate button in the top left toolbar.  You will then want to click on the advanced options in the bottom left corner of the panel.  This will allow you to customize how far apart you want your shapes to be.  There is some trial and error with this process.

As you can see I chose to have 4 extra circles and have them spaced 2.5″ apart (this measurement is from the center point of the circle).  When you have the sizing you want select replicate.
*Just a note: the x axis moves the shapes left & right,  the y axis moves shapes up & down.

Now you can select all the circle and do the same thing.  I want them to be evenly spaced so I chose to use 2.5″ on the y axis.

Because I want them to be polka dots I will take another 1.5″ circle and place it where I want it and use the technique above to fill in the negative spaces.

I will be adding a little elephant and name on the wall hanging, so I import and resize it to fit the way I want it to look and now we are ready to cut it all out.

Resize your artboard down to 8.5″ wide and then move the shapes that don’t fit in the cutting space.  Once that is cut out you can move your other half on to the board. Wasn’t that easy?

For this project I used the ray flocked heat transfer for the polka dots and the flocked pink heat transfer for the elephant and name.  (make sure to mirror your objects when you are cutting out heat transfer).  Then I ironed it down on to a 12×12″ wrapped canvas board.

I hope this helps you out in your projects and I hope you have a great week!