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Eco gifts: Wall Herb Garden tutorial

Garden, Green crafts, Home and garden, Natural crafts  |  September 7th 2011  |  0 Comment
Wall Herb Garden

Eco gifts: Wall Herb Garden tutorial

Unique gifts

Isn’t it so much more convenient to have your own herb garden in your back yard…front yard…or on your kitchen window-sill? The herbs in our fridge  in plastic bags/ containers usually start looking weird after one week, then they turn into mush, a glibbery dark paste of yuk…at the end of  the second week you can only guess from the container label, that there used to be ‘fresh basil’ in there, lol..and- you have probably used only a couple of leaves of it.

So why not grow your own herbs, easy, in-expensive, fresh!

Since I actually don’t have a kitchen window-sill (that’s weird, right? I have a window though, and a roof-top terrace!) , I decided to hang my herbs on my balcony wall.

And then I painted old spoons to make little herb markers out of them.


1. Dip spoons in latex paint or spray paint them.

2. Let dry.

3. Write name of herb with tiny brush.

4. Seal with Krylon Crystal Clear.


I took the herb plants and screwed them to the brick wall, next to the candle holders. Finished!


Source: @fun.kyti.me