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Eco gifts: Tissue Paper Flower Wedding Centerpieces

Green crafts, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Natural crafts, Wedding day  |  September 15th 2011  |  0 Comment
Here’s the finished product:
I decided to make these early because I plan on doing a lot more DIY projects for the wedding (invitations, ceremony decor, jewelry for all, etc) so this was something that I knew would last until the wedding, so I decided to knock them out this summer!!
Here’s how I made them:
First, I collected a whole lotta sticks. This was not that much fun because A: sticks are found in nature, and I don’t really like getting nature on me. Too much dirt and bugs. Bleck. B. I sliced my hand open with garden shears in the process of cutting a stick off a dead branch. Not fun. C. I needed 144 sticks. That’s a whole lotta sticks.
That was like the 60 sticks I collected on my first attempt. I collected them without counting and for some reason thought it would be enough…silly me!!
Then I cut the sticks down to size, and laid them out to spray paint.


I sprayed them using Krylon Metallic, which worked really well. It dried really fast and was only about $3.30 at Walmart.
Next, I set to work on my flowers. I bought packets of tissue paper from Walmart and Target for $1 each in each of my wedding colors: pink, purple, and silver.
I cut the tissue paper into 5 inch by 10 inch rectangles. Each flower takes four pieces.


Fold it up accordion style
And then tie it secure around the middle with a piece of wire.


I trimmed the edges into a point,


And then pulled the layers apart on each side
And kept fluffing until I had a flower!
One down, 143 to go. Yeah this was a very long process. I had my faithful bridesmaid Morgan help me two nights, brought them to gatherings with friends and made six more friends help me create, and watched a whole lot of episodes of Gilmore Girls finishing the rest myself.
After all the flowers were made I attached them to the sticks. I didn’t get a picture of this part, but basically all I did was wrap the wire around the top of the stick and them hot glue the stick into the flower.
I plopped them in vases I got from the Dollar Tree, put some ribbon around the middle, and voila! Pretty flowers.
I made 16 vases, and they are all sitting in a spare bedroom in my house just waiting for the big day….202 days from now :)



Source: mygirlishwhims.blogspot.com