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Eco gifts: Revamped Recyclables – Planter Tutorial

Garden, Green crafts, Home and garden, Recycle  |  September 17th 2011  |  0 Comment

Recycling tutorial

With a glance at the sidebar, you might notice that I have an interest in decoupaging used tins and repurposing them.  It’s just so darned satisfying.  With a healthy dose of combined inspiration from GardenMama’s Hanging Window Vase Tutorial, and Under the Table and Dreaming’s Windsock Tutorial, I’ve been mulling over this idea, but only got around to sorting out the details this past weekend.
Planters.  Flowerpots.   
 With the label removed and the tin cleaned, the lip around the top (see below left tin) is removed with a can opener.
If the lip isn’t removed, it ends up looking like the tin below, on the right.  The plastic plant pot will not fit in.  But the one on the left has the lip removed, so the plant pot fits in so well that it is barely visible.
Find an appropriately sized plastic lid that will do the job of a drip tray.  I used a peanut butter jar lid.
Decoupage your tin however your creative heart desires, using the label as your pattern.  (See here for an earlier tutorial.)  Pop in your plants and sit ‘em pretty on a table.
Or, you can do this.

Et voila!  Hanging planters.

And impress yourself with how they have been cleverly suspended above the reach of a toddler and preschooler.   Enjoy it for the two minutes that it lasts, because the toddler and preschooler will surely discover that the planters swing when hit with a broom handle or thrown items.

Or fill one with flowers in a jar of water, and give it to your mother as a Mother’s Day gift.  Wouldn’t they look wonderful with kid’s artwork as the label?  Pity I didn’t think of that sooner.

Source: wabisabiwanderings.blogspot.com