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Eco gifts: Grass is Greener tutorial

Garden, Home and garden  |  September 6th 2011  |  0 Comment

You can use wheat grass for so many things at parties and events. In this article for Project Wedding I show how to grow wheat grass and use it to hold seating cards. It is really simple and cheap! Perfect for a Spring or Summer event.

The Grass is Greener 

1. Metal Zinc Tray 14″x14″($10)
2. Wheat Grass Seeds($4)
3. Potting Soil ($8)
4. Gravel for Drainage

The Grass is Greener

Step One: Put a layer of gravel to help with drainage. The metal tray we used did not have built in drainage so the gravel helps with that.
Step Two: Put a layer of soil on top of the gravel, make sure you leave 1/2″ of the metal vessel showing.
Step Three: Put a generous layer of seeds down, make sure it is even up to the edges.
Step Four: Cover the seeds with a .25″ layer of soil. Pat down.

Step Five: Water the seeds with a gentle flow of water (either a watering can or a paper cup with holes punched in the bottom)so the seeds aren’t washed around. Keep in a sunny area and water daily, keeping the soil moist. Grass should be ready 7-…

Source: @projectwedding.com