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Easy toys for kids

Making toys  |  September 9th 2011  |  0 Comment

Making Pet Rocks

Children of the 70′s should remember these being the fad! I had a pet rock, my sister had a pet rock and all of my friends had pet rocks. I taught my pet rock to sit and stay, fed her oats and she lived in a special little box. I took her EVERYWHERE! I told the Little Ladies about the pet rocks from my childhood and they couldn’t resist making some (many).

What you need:
rocks- polished or clean ones from the yard
googly eyes- you can use “Adhesive Wiggle-Eyes” or ones without adhesive
Tacky glue or glue dots
a tin or small box for a bed

Araina made her pets from polished rocks. You must use glue dots or Tacky glue on the polished rocks in order for the goggly eyes to stick well; “Adhesive Wiggle-Eyes” don’t adhere well to the polish.

Fauna gathered rocks from the yard to be her pets, she preferred their organic look. She put on adhesive googly eyes which stick well on clean non-polished rocks. This pet rock lives in a pot with a little oak sapling.

If you make a pet rock, you must make it a bed. Araina used lamb’s ear in a chocolate tin for her pets’ soft bed.