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Easy to makeStraw flower bracelet or necklace tutorial for kids

Other crafts  |  April 29th 2011  |  0 Comment

Straw Flower Sticks

Here’s another great weekend project. We have made so many of the straw flower sticks the house looks like a meadow.

For this project you need: bamboo sticks and straws.

Flatten the straw using a letter opener, scissors or a knife.
Then twist it in half with the lead end on the right.

Take the second end and lift it up counterclockwise over the lead end.
Hold the upper part firmly with your thumb and forefinger.Then take the lead and do the same, putting it over the second end (counterclockwise). Work like this in circles until you get about six ‘petals’.

It should look like this. There are five petals here..

..and with the sixth one ready, slide it underneath like shown.

Work in circles, sliding the ends underneath the “main part” until you get to the end. You’ll end with a short piece like this.

Either cut it off or insert it between the layers.

Here it is. A little flower.

Take a bamboo stick and push it through the centre of the flower.

Stick as many as you like.

Another idea: If you use toothpicks you can make tiny flowery bouquets.

I am going to use the flower sticks as Easter decoration. Eva made a bracelet by putting them on an elastic.
I also tried making them out of sturdy fabric but in the end had to hand sew them since they wriggled their way out. I am planning of doing this with other materials.

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