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Easy to make for kids: Pom Pom Flowers

Felt, Making flower  |  September 20th 2011  |  0 Comment

Pom Pom Flowers {No Sew Tutorial}

I love making these simple pom pom felt flowers.

Check out this wonderful tutorial for this kind of felt flower from Craft Snob. While you are there check out her other gorgeous flower tutorials.

What you need:
Hot glue gun

What to do:
1. Cut a sheet of felt length-wise so that you have 2 strips of felt that are 2 inches wide and 12 inches long.

2. Cut a small felt circle (not visible) about 2 inches in diameter.

3. Fold the strips of felt in half and glue the edges together. Use as little glue as possible, and try to use glue dots. Otherwise, the hot glue will dry and harden into a long strip and it will be very difficult to work with.

4. Now cut all along the side of the strip, getting as close to the edge as you can without cutting into the glue. I cut each notch to be about 1/3 of an inch wide. You can make them larger or smaller for a different look, but it is important to be consistent. I did not use a ruler to mark where I would cut and I do not think it would be necessary.

5. Now start gluing the first strip to the felt circle. Spiral around the outside and keep gluing the entire strip.

6. Take the second strip and continue where the first one ended. Keep gluing until you reach the center. I have found that 2 12 inch strips work perfectly. However you may need to add part of another strip or cut off the end of your second strip if you reach the middle and have some left over.

7. Arrange the pom poms and you are done. SO EASY!


Make thinner strips and cut each petal closer together.
Add a button to the middle.