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Easy Christmas cards: Little Green Leprechaun Footprints, kids craft ideas

Cards, Christmas's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Painting, Paper crafts  |  August 16th 2011  |  0 Comment

st patricks day craft
This time of year there are always sneaky little leprechauns looking for gold. So we made these Green Footprint Clue Cards to help lead them on a hunt!
Easy Christmas cards: Little Green Leprechaun Footprints,

kids craft ideas

st patricks day craft

Supplies for Leprechaun Footprints
* green paint – I used acrylic paint
* paper plate
* paint brush to mix
* paper or folded cards
* green crayon
* paper towels
st patricks day craft
1- Pour the paint onto the paper plate and spread it around with the paint brush.
2- Get your paper ready. We practiced on big sheets of paper first, then we stamped our hands onto cards for the clues.
st patricks day craft
3- Put your hand into a fist and dip the bottom of it in the paint. Then stamp the paper with your fist. You can just do one hand or two hands for a right and left footprint.
4- Now put one of your finger tips into the paint. Stamp your finger onto the paper, just above the fist print. Stamp your finger 5 times for 5 toes.
st patricks day craft
After we made the footprints onto cards, we also made little fingerpaint stamped clovers. My son suggested that we number our clue cards by the number of leaves on the clover. So we have 4 cards each with a number of leaves on it’s clover!
st patricks day craft
Let these dry, then they’re ready for writing clues on the inside. We came up with 4 places to hide clues with the final destination finding the pot of gold (yellow paper coins!)
st patricks day craft
Source: alphamom.com