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Easy and funny crafts: chestnut crafts

Making toys, Natural crafts  |  September 30th 2011  |  0 Comment

Kastanien Basteln Kastanien Basteln

Easy and funny crafts: chestnut crafts

We made lots and lots of things in one session… doesn’t a bowl full of Autumn findings just look gorgeous?

Autumn Crafts

Materials: Chestnuts, Toothpicks, a pen, glue, scissors, funky foam/ card (optional), googly eyes (optional)

Our focus was on the chestnuts, as mentioned above, some people use a little chestnut tool to work with. We found, that tooth picks worked on some fresher and softer chestnuts and were not, our kitchen scissors came into good use. I would prick a hole and the children would add the tooth picks.. or instruct me as to where they wanted things to go.

Kastanien Basteln Autumn Crafts

Red Ted LOVED the fact that the Chestnuts have “natural faces” and for once preferred drawing on eyes to using googley eyes.

Kastanien Basteln Kastanien Basteln

We made a lion (that we also found here) a giraffe, some hedgehogs, a piggy and a boy (with drawn on face and belly button – we used some of those “flat chestnuts” as feet, so that it can stand up without toppling).

Kastanien bastlen Kastanien basteln

I then made some pencil toppers for the children – cutting out some foam shapes for ears and features, drawing on faces. Above you can see, that I cut some slits for the ears and then glued them in… We loved using natural features – such as the markings of the chestnut for the nose of the bear… And with the scissors I carved out a hole big enough for the pencil.

Kastanien Basteln Kastanien Basteln