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Easter wreath with his own hands. Easter flowers.

Easter's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making flower  |  August 12th 2011  |  0 Comment

Traditionally, the Easter family and friends give Easter cakes. You can give them in the nest – it is beautiful and memorable stay. Socket can be decorated Easter table, you can decorate the front of the foam ring dver.vyrezaem the right size – everything is in motion – the circle turns three nests and nest sizes.

Based paste, such as corrugated paper (available at stationery) – yellow or green.

Glue loop – I have a paper clip glued with the aid of termokleevogo gun. You can secure the wire.

Then obtained from the ring and form a nest of sisal. Sisal fix colored threads or wires.

Pick up ribbons and decorations. I chose the tape in the traditional style – like, how it is.

Chosen as decoration artificial flowers, feathers and beads. You can use anything. CREPY termokleevym gun, but you can wire did so earlier, when I had no gun, but with pistoletapoluchaetsya much faster. 
It turned out there is a nest.


Easter wreath with his own hands. Easter flowers.