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Gift for easter: Easter ideas

Easter's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts  |  February 20th 2012  |  0 Comment

It is time preparing for Easter and Passover to collect interesting ideas. While I have a small selection, can the idea of ​​someone and inspire.



Easter Crafts for the Whole Family

By: Belinda J MooneyEaster celebrations are never complete without Easter crafts featuring bunnies, eggs and bonnets. Easter is a time of celebration enjoyed by young and old alike, and the new colors of spring are inspiring after the long winter. Families see Easter as an opportunity to spend time with each other, and making kids’ Easter crafts is a great way to do this.

Decorate Easter Eggs
Decorating empty eggshells is a traditional Easter practice. To do this, you need a steady and skilled hand for emptying eggs. Drain the eggs by poking a small hole at the top and the bottom of the eggshell. Blow out the egg into a bowl, and make scrambled eggs later. Hollow out plenty of them, as kids who are decorating might drop or break one. Dye or paint your eggs with interesting patterns, and use these eggs as decorations or as the eggs to be hunted.

Easter Baskets
Woven baskets are pretty by themselves. But they can be even prettier. Turn them into springtime baskets by filling them with green artificial grass, inserting small stuffed animals and gluing flower decorations to them. Fill these baskets with candies, cookies or brownies, and give them to family and friends.

Bunny Mailbox
A bunny mailbox is great for father-son bonding. The boys can help each other in constructing a wooden mailbox. Paint the mailbox pink or grey, add ears from wood and draw a face on the front. It’s also a nice spring touch to your front yard. You can even set this mailbox inside and use it to send special Easter notes to the family.

Easter Bonnets
While fathers and sons are working on the bunny mailbox, mothers and daughters can have a lot of fun turning simple hats into wonderful creations. The little girls can choose decorative items, while Mommy can take care of the gluing, pinning and sewing. Use a straw hat for the base, and go wild with flowers, tiny animals and Easter eggs.

Source: http://www.life123.com/holidays/easter/easter-eggs/easter-crafts.shtml

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