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Easter gifts: beaded eggs

Beading and knotting, Easter's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts  |  September 9th 2011  |  0 Comment

Easter gifts: beaded eggs

Technique laid out beads and other icons on the basis of the adhesive, or inlaid with beads and other materials

               God bless!

Do not worry, that is not immediately picked up the icon, but I thought that to begin with it will be better, the principle is the same, and hand stuff it is already possible, and then do the salaries. 
For we need: 
a wooden egg harvesting with stand; 
- ground under the acrylic paint; 
- paint itself; 
- lacquer 
- the icon (the icon if you do), drawing (in my head) 
- Beads (№ 10 – № 16), the smaller the better; 
- glue; 
- waste of time; 
- rhinestones ( I use Swarovski crystals) 
- nail scissors with a thin blade (for kuttikul) 
- pliers; 
- stationery knife 
- wooden sticks d.shashlyka, thin; 
- syringe 
- an awl; 
- a dense fabric, beads under,           
everything seems to be transferred and now clearly show, the material and tools: 
this glue, as you can see has been bought at Cape Falcon

and this glue, as well as on track. photo purchased at the store “All for Dance” at m. Proletarian Str. Melnikova 7, tel. (495) 675 0829; (495) 674 1670, where you can buy and Swarovski crystals at a reasonable price and glue and Sew-and thermo, I had bought them, and now from the wholesaler (but they do not sell retail), and Este Arte may be in pieces.

Paint a thin. saloon, st. Fadeeva h.6, Metro does not know

And here is waste of time, it can be different, and the soft and hard (truntsal), I still enjoyed just soft. The choice is very big in the store at the Church of St. Nicholas.

Praying and calling on the Holy Spirit (Heavenly King, Uteshetelyu ..), and trying to create the Jesus Prayer (Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner) will start. .. Take the egg, it is desirable that it should be smooth, if not entirely smooth zashkurte mikronazhdachkoy it, take an awl and to implant an egg at him with the blunt end

then take the brush and ground cover and it is not thick, dry, and once again, the second layer can be put fatter, and then immediately brush dampened with clean water it simple “stroked,” but so that no stains. Then, after drying, take the color you want (in this case I recommend to take the blue or white gold), I was ready for one testicle, it is true green.

It is a small, 10cm in height and 15 cm in diameter 
will also cover several coats of varnish, but now you can use glossy spray paint, and in the future, I will tell you how lacquered furniture, the very first try, the new technology. 
Do you have all dried up, and computation can start, but … 
First, prepare a syringe with a needle to remove the tip of the forceps, but before the hole, otherwise the hole zamnetsya, but it does not matter, the same clippers that hole can be slightly expanded, if a little pressure on flattened ends.

Then slightly bend the end of the needle, which is easier to work.

Then slightly bend the end of the needle, which is easier to work.

Well, right, and then take out of the syringe plunger and fill the place if the adhesive glue in a tube, if not, then we collect from banks as usual, I suggest you in this paper use two types of glue from a tube (gel), and White, similar to PVA of the bottles., laid out to take the back of the white glue.
denote an egg with a pencil a simple middle

Next, a syringe to apply the adhesive in the form of a track straight through to sewing, the tracks do little to no glue dried up before you lay out beads

Before you take the beads, dip stick saliva (sorry, but it is a necessity, water is better not to use), and it prikleetsya bead itself

forgot to say that at first we lay this particular ring around the eggs (marked by the middle 
, and the transition of color, I used three colors, can be more than three dark beads, three lighter, three very bright, and in reverse order, this is perhaps the only time I seek refuge in their work to the scheme. beads in this case, we plot hole to hole.

planting a bead simultaneously align a row, the beads to each other presses

syringe to put a cloth before applying the new wipe the tip on it, before the needle tip did not touch him, let it be a drop of glue, and at the end of the work, all need to leave a drop, so the needle can be used again, the glue dries it is not ( but again not in a month if you use glue in the syringe), then just take off and drop working on.

working …

Yes, one more nuance, always stick (almost always) the right of the work, look closely at the photo

switched to other side and I like that while holding the egg

Well, finished row, and that’s what happened.

Now this series obkladyvayut gold beads, but beads already be laid edge to each other (and this is the fundamental law in all of my articles, although there are exceptions)

Beads and pressed together, and to have laid out a number of spatula.

And then begin to lay out the back wall. I used 4 colors, but we can and more, for a smooth transition (as it turned out to use up to 8-9 colors). I would like to note that when you divide the egg in a sex feature, pre-specified, from the front side and a view in the back, as can be some drawbacks, which can be closed with beads, and more, under such a wall is better to apply a light paint and use transparent glass beads. 
We continue to work, starting with the darkest color to light, somewhere along the three rows of each color, leaving the latter more space., also an edge to each other, pressing and smoothing, selecting beads the same size, if not quite smoothly – do not worry. Make sure that the beads were not given up, as if squeezing, the surface must also be smooth.

Pokrugu filling, try to be uniform window, you can align with beads, one side of the window if not quite symmetrical. This is necessary in order to ultimately complete the work in the middle. 
It happens that at the junction of beads is very little space and does not include a bead, a bead bail out “substandard,” with a beveled edge, so that a margin (narrow), and stop up “gap.” Holes should not be, a monolith.

Come to an end wall. Last beady little wedges, plotnenko.

That’s all, with the wall is “finished.” Further work with gold thread. For this I am taking a clear, gel adhesive, it dries faster. Just nanoshu neck with beaded side and pressing the swab is placed along the row. Small pieces.

at the end cut off with scissors (short traffic jams to avoid waste of time), and laid with butt joint.

When dry, take a pencil and draw what you want, you can and cake with Easter and eggs, and a bell, and many others are just doing a sketch, and turn on the imagination, because here with schemes to help you I can not. And in the icons, put the figure at the folds and colors of clothing, there are easier to lay out this next picture smysle.A beads, in this case I have not followed the principles laid out and the hole to hole, and edge to edge.

and lodged at the end of birdies special marker that writes on leather, glass, and is not washed off, but you can paint, but then must fix and polish slegka.Vot end and God Glory!, E-mail to whom, it is not clear, try to help. Be bold with God’s help.
PS For the most impatient say about icons, To stick the icon, it should be cut and notched in several places (in prayer) in a circle, not touching the face and hands .. White glue is applied, to arr. surface of the icon, and from the middle to the ends smoothed.

then glue gimp

on the trail. gimp photo on omophorion in the arm withdrew because long is not fixed beads, and it stung.

To make such a wall, we must first define the middle, in this case is a lap top, then lay a ring of three rows on the edges with silver, then on the back to draw such islands as you wish, and then to lay all their gold thread, waste of time to strengthen butt. And after drying, fill with beads around the circle, from the edges to the middle of the barrel sideways, not a hole to hole. Chereduete color as you like.


Now, my dear, if you have paved the rigmarole of the icon, fill in the picture with beads, spreading it in the direction of the folds and shades, respectively. Do not overdo it with the glue, the work must be accurate, the adhesive should not even appear in any field.

God help you.

Photo: @livemaster.ru