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Easter crafts ideas: hen purse, sewing pattern

Easter's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Sewing  |  January 21st 2012  |  0 Comment

Easter crafts ideas: hen purse, sewing pattern

Patchwork shop a few times in passing into the heart say, what his family is too expensive, but still could not go two days ago, and sat for over an hour to see if they want to do things, but not willing to tighten the money supply, store saw it, told him I could buy the drawings, a three dollars, which too fit for me, and I fancy this WoWo chicken, I buy his house back on the working drawings of the first cloth made ​​of chicken WoWo storage box, had wanted to do one, but too stupid not to cut drawings positive and negative result, a smooth, only a re-cut, made two.

Started, did not experience the results. . . .


Because to do it themselves, as do the fine craft point, if the needle with a large line of its own is not comfortable. WoWo storage box
When the hands on training, squatting squatting temper it. Poor people too impetuous.

Well, to a photo, tomorrow honor a mother, a cold day she promised me the next day to go back on the line, do not run every day to her, I like this have to do manual effort.

Just on the bed, put some small fragmented bed just right, will not sleep too cold hand touched and slightly fast enough.

To a close-up, look at the eyes than God, that was my sweater buttons, when the eye is appropriate.

Remote control is also very suitable to put in, save the cat chaos step, it is often the TV step to open.















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