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Easier 9 Petal Flower Variation

Cards, Making flower, Origami, Paper crafts  |  August 24th 2011  |  0 Comment
Here is a variation of the folded flower from my last post (right side). I was bored watching the kids ride their bikes so I grabbed the leftover paper from my tutorial and made up my own variation. Finally something I can take credit for, LOL – and this one is actually easier!
Step 1: Punch out 9 circles and fold them in half with the petal pattern on the outside this time.
Step 3: Fold back top edge of the circle to create the double bloom. Again make sure all your semi-circles are facing the same way when doing this.
Step 4: Ink the edges and glue the petals as in the previous flower, the bottom to the back of another petal until all are added. That’s it!
Note: These flowers also work with ovals, you just need a few more petals and it has a “spikier look”.

making paper flowers

Source: simplypaperandcreativity.blogspot.com