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DIY With Bookhou: Fabric Gift Wrapping

Wrapping and Packaging  |  September 5th 2011  |  0 Comment


During the holidays when I’m giving gifts I like the wrap to be reusable, most of the time I use our tea towels.  I wanted to do a project that was easy, but still with lots of charm and had a handmade quality.
what you need:
-fabric (I used cotton approx. 24 x 24 in.) it is good to wash your fabric first and to use a -fabric that doesn’t have a lot of texture
-wood type (can be purchased on etsy or ebay or you can find some at your local vintage shop)
-ink roller or sponge brush)
-black ink (I use permaset, but speedball brand will work too)
-plexi to roll the ink (if you don’t have a piece of plexi – a flat ceramic dish will work)

step 1
take the spatula to spread the ink evenly on the plexi and use your roller to roll the ink on the wood type – than press firmly on the fabric.  what’s nice about this process is that each print is different and the nice texture, don’t worry about it being solid or even, that’s the beauty of the print.

step 2

repeat step 1 over and over till the entire surface is covered
let it stand to dry.

step 3

once it dries – you will need to heat set the ink so that when it gets washed it won’t come off the fabric, you can either iron the fabric for 5 minutes on med-high heat with no steam or put it in the dryer for 10 minutes.

the technique that I used to wrap the books is furoshiki – if you go to you tube there are great demos on all the different ways you can use the cloth.  this is also a fun and easy project to do with small children.
Source: @bkids.typepad.com