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Decoupage Bathroom tutorial

Home and garden, Home decor  |  May 21st 2011  |  0 Comment

need a special three-layered tissue As for decor bathroom would require a special napkin decoupage glue and lacquer napkin decoupage. For the first sample can be used as an adhesive means of egg white, or slightly diluted with water, PVA glue. If you can not buy a special paint, then in any hardware shop you can buy acrylic ..
To draw the golden path would require a special napkin decoupage circuit.

cut from the cloth desired image Next you need to carefully remove the two bottom white layer of tissue – they are not needed and can be sent to the trash:
remove the two bottom white layer wipes Apply a cut on the napkin and decorate the surface with a brush to apply the adhesive directly over the napkin. Need to try to get under the cloth had no air bubbles, and there was no wrinkling. What good napkins – they repeat every surface relief, which is particularly well-creates the effect of the picture.
using a brush to apply the adhesive directly on top of napkin Do not be afraid that the adhesive extend beyond the motif that the color is opaque white glue – when it dries, the glue will become transparent and invisible to the eye. A little advice from MirSovetov: make your brushes will last a long faithful service, each time after use rinse them thoroughly vodoy.Itak, the glue has dried, you can now apply a brush coat. For reliability, the result can be applied several coats of varnish:
apply several layers of lacquer Luck as well as the glue dries it becomes prozrachnym.Teper inflict contour paint a small picture adorns the edge of the lid. The motif of the picture can be quite varied. But it always has to match the motif napkins. At the same time, one time use a specific motive circuit, it should be repeated in all the subjects that you wish to decorate the same way.
plot the contour paint a small picture adorns the edge of the cover Here’s our cover and ready!
cover is ready The man who at least once to try something pasted, always wants to continue.So do not hold your fantasy – you want to decorate the walls – forward! Procedure boring tile revive right before your eyes! If you look down on … the toilet – do not limit yourself – let the “place for doom” also zapestrit brightness:
continued Decoupage allows you to create totally unique items. In a shop you can find accessories for decoration, bathroom design that will be exactly the same as drawing your tiles? If such accessories exist, only in an expensive exclusive shops.MirSovetov also argues that to create such unique things you can do a very small amount.


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