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Decorative Soaps tutorial

Paper crafts, Soap  |  September 9th 2011  |  0 Comment

 Crafts tutorial


While this started as a “Kids in the Kitchen” post, I thought someone could make these quick fun soaps with an adult theme. Okay, NOT an “adult” theme! But with attractive decorative stickers that would match a bathroom.



This was a project I made with each of my preschool classes. I used to have my own children do them at home as well, for the holidays.



For this sports soap I placed three stickers together.
You will need some new soaps
(you can see I used Dove and Dial)
as well as stickers, Mod-Podge, and a paint brush.
Then decide on which side of the soap
you want to place your sticker.
Start by brushing a thin layer of Mod-Podge on the side of the soap where you want to place your sticker. Put the sticker in place. I have done this project without placing the Mod-Podge on first,
but it never hurts to be more careful.
Once your sticker is in place,
begin painting layers of Mod-Podge over it.
Be sure to coat the soap as well as the sticker.
BUT you don’t want to paint any other side of the soap.
If your preschooler is doing this,
just let them paint away and have fun.If they go over the sides,
just swipe the extra Mod-Podge away with a paper towel.

If you can, when your preschooler is done, you will want to add a few more coats of Mod-Podge after each coat dries. If you are doing it yourself, just put as many coats on as you can, allowing each coat to dry before adding the next.
The neat thing is, the soap will still clean your hands once the top is covered with Mod-Podge, but as it is used, the top of the soap (with the sticker) will stay where the Mod-Podge is covering it.
This is a fun and simple project.

Source: kitchenfunk.blogspot.com