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Decoration of wedding glasses

Holiday & seasonal crafts, Wedding day  |  June 3rd 2011  |  0 Comment


Оформление свадебных бокалов - мастер-класс

There are many ways to decorate the glasses for the wedding.

I suggest you 22 design options wedding goblets. All are based on the fact that the glass is glued any decoration.

What glue lace, ribbons, flowers, beads, crystals, flower petals to the glass?

  • glue gun;
  • silicone adhesive;
  • PVA glue;
  • Special instant terminals for the crystal and ceramics;
  • waterproof instant Clem – super-glue.

Personally, I enjoyed the super-glue based on cyanoacrylate (the set of ” Girls’ Dreams “ ). The main thing here – accuracy, that the glue did not speak about jewelry.

If you have stained glass super-glue, there are special solvents or glue gently remove the needles (these methods in practice, I did not enjoy).

To understand the technique, try to start to decorate ordinary glass .

Decoration of wedding glasses lace

We need the beautiful lace.

1. Wrap the glass with lace.
2. Cut the required length + a few millimeters to the smell.
3. Carefully glue the lace to the glass.

4. To decorate the foot wine glass, take a piece of lace.
5. Smetana him to one side.
6. Nametochnuyu tighten the thread so as to obtain a “skirt”, which you can wrap the base glass.
7. Fasten the thread.
8. Glue the “skirt” around the legs.

Украшение свадебных фужеров кружевом

Decoration of wedding glasses lace can be complicated by attaching a bow of ribbon at the top of legs.

Украшение свадебных фужеров кружевом и бантом из лент

Украшение свадебных бокалов кружевом и лентами

The very wine glass stem, you can wrap a ribbon on a spiral, and at the top to attach a bow with rosettes of ribbon or with rhinestones.

Украшение свадебных бокалов кружевом и розой из лент

Here are a few ways to make a rose out of ribbon (for a small rosettes see Method 4).

Украшение свадебных бокалов кружевом и розой из лент

Decoration of wedding glasses with ribbons

Of the ribbon (satin, nylon, lace) make a bow, decorate his sequins or decorative element and priklyaem to wine glasses.

Дизайн свадебных бокалов своими руками - бант из лент

Or of the tapes make roses and flowers complement their mesh, lace and glue to the glass.

Украшение свадебных бокалов розой из лент своими руками

Decorating wedding suit and glasses, artificial leaves and crystals.

Оформление свадебных бокалов своими руками

Свадебные бокалы с розами и стразами - мастер-класс

To create more intricate designs on wedding glasses, it can be hand painted using special paints for glass and ceramics. A surface of the wine glass to cover the beads (this operation requires great accuracy).

Оформление свадебных бокалов розой из лент

Rose from ribbons to decorate the wine glass ready to replace the decorative flower with rhinestones.

Оформление свадебных бокалов росписью, бусинами и стразами Swarovski своими руками

How to make a bud around the stem glasses?

To do this, add the wide satin ribbon in half face outwards (see “The Rose of wide satin ribbon,” Fig. 1 )
Sour cream on the edge.
Pull a running thread. Fix it.
Received bomber tape obkleyte glass.
Place seam tape, cover the ends of the flower and bow.

Свадебные бокалы для шампанского с розой из лент - как сделать

Petals around the glass can make loops of ribbons .

First, they must hold together a thread with each other and then glued to the glass.

Into pieces can be strung fishing line and glue the beads, and by covering the bottom tip of the glue to put these original “stamen” in the center of “flower”. Leg – wrap tape.

Украшение свадебных бокалов лентой огранзы

Decoration of wedding glasses with flower petals

For this we need a beautiful artificial flower.

Украшение свадебных бокалов лепестками роз - мастер класс

Flower must parse the individual petals.

Дизайн свадебных бокалов с лепестками цветов - как сделать

And these petals, we hang the upper legs of a wedding glass, simulating a flower.

Декорирование свадебных бокалов лепестками белой розы - как сделать своими руками

Petals decorate the beads.

Свадебные бокалы своими руками - украшение из лепестков

Under the flower – add a bow of ribbons and rhinestones.

Свадебные бокалы для шампанского своими руками - украшение из лепестков

Decoration of wedding glasses with flowers

Gather a bunch of artificial flowers.
Bunch and its frame securely fasten to each other and stick to the glass.

Свадебные бокалы, украшенные букетиком цветов

Свадебные бокалы, украшенные белыми розами

Украшение свадебных бокалов орхидеей - как сделать

Wine glasses can be decorated and fresh flowers. But by the end of the wedding night live flowers fade.

Свадебные бокалы, украшенные живыми цветами

Decoration of wedding glasses with feathers

Unusual, vivid and at the same time, the tender decision.
We will need the feathers. They are sold in stores for handicrafts and come in different sizes and shapes.

Перья для украшения свадебных бокалов

Feathers and rose from the tape to stick to the glass.

Свадебные бокалы, украшенные перьями

Or from the multi-colored feathers, ribbons and beads can form bunches.

Свадебные фужеры, украшенные перями и бусинами


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